Moover Doll Pram-Solid Red

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Mixing classic and modern styling in the one design, the Moover Doll Pram is the perfect play room addition.

The pram is suitable for both large and small dolls with a big storage compartment that can be used for transporting a number of soft and cuddly friends around the house. Imitating grown up behaviour through pretend play is a great way for children to learn and develop their empathetic and nurturing qualities as they care for their dolls and teddies just as adults care for them.

This high quality wooden pram is fitted with wooden wheels and rubber TPE types. The main compartment is constructed from one piece of moulded thin veneer plywood. Most conveniently, it comes fully assembled and ready to use.

The pram can hold a maximum of 10kg of weight from toys, dolls and teddies.

Please note that this doll pram is not intended for learning how to walk. For learning to walk we recommend the use of awalker, which is specifically developed to help children with this particular learning process.

The pram comes fully assembled.

Available in a natural,light pink,red or white finish (only the natural pram is made from solid linden wood, all other colours are made from plywood).