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Our stunning new Summer Blankets are so bespoke, and perfect for use in the pram, or a light bedtime blanket in summer months. Made from soft, breathable and lightweight cotton gauze. Pop Ya Tot Summer Blankets are pre-washed to increase softness and we use premium cotton to increase durability and minimise pilling. Muslin will be wrinkle up beautifully after a wash, and will iron out flat like new.

  • 100% organic cotton muslin blanket
  • Embroidered with gorgeous on-trend designs
  • Four fine layers of wrinkle muslin
  • Light summer coverage


Material: 100% organic cotton wrinkle muslin.

Dimensions: 120cm (L) x 100cm (W)

Style: Embroidered Summer Blanket.

Care and Cleaning: Gentle hand wash, dry flat.